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NDC API Manager

An API Manager/Proxy built specially for IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability).

  • Authenticates airline’s stakeholders (TAs, OTAs, Aggregators, Partner Airlines…)
  • Handles fine-grained access control (per NDC Method, NDC options, set of options…)
  • Applies traffic control policies based on NDC contracts (rate limit, quantity ovetaking…)

NDC API Analytics

A full set of NDC related statistics intended for anyone in the NDC provision chain.

  • Allows airlines to take back control over its data
  • Uses NDC traffic data to propose sophisticated metrics
  • Offers airline’s engineers extensive dashboard to understand the traffic

NDC API Monitoring

A full set of testing and real-time monitoring for a NDC sandbox/server.

  • Allows to set alerts based on NDC traffic data, and API NDC Manager operational information
  • Offers a scripting language allowing complex KPIs computations
  • Handles alerts subscriptions per team, department,.. and the creation of new alerts easily


Our short timeline

  • Jan 2016

    Splura is born

    The trip starts here

  • Mar 2016

    First product released in private beta

    NDC API Manager/Proxy is now accepting private beta testers

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